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Me as 'Alice' 1976

Me as 'Alice' Today


Well, I have an uncontrollable passion for collecting anything related with 'Alice In Wonderland'. (Maybe it's because I actually played the part of 'Alice' in the 1976-77 William Orr Australian production at the Seymour Centre, Sydney)

I don't have deep insights into the works, psyche or life of Lewis Carroll....(That'll upset the 'purists'!)....but I do like the story, fantasy and enjoyment of my wonderful hobby. 

My collection of 'Alice' is a labour of love, many times costing my last cent, but also comprising of many gifts from my wonderful family & friends who always ask my husband if I already 'have' something that they have just seen in a store....perfect gift for Michelle...!!! I love it, and I hope you enjoy my site. 

Thanks for visiting...please call again.